Guided Reflection to Cultivate Zestiness


Many of have been taught to prune our interests that give our lives zest and meaning because we were told or worried we were not good enough at those interests. Here’s a guided meditation to imagine how it would be to embrace those interests.

With each ... take the time to pause you need for practice.


Settle into a comfortable, supported reclining shape or seated one, where your torso can be long and your breath can be easy. Make sure you have all the support you need to be comfortable that your space permits.

Let’s breathe quietly together, inviting our breath to bring ease and to grow easier...

As we breathe, supported in our chosen shape, may we flip through the pages of our being, seeking out those bright sparks of interests we used to have, but have put down along the way...

You are deserving of interests that bring zestiness to your life, even if you are never skillful with them. You are deserving of interests that bring joy into your life, even without having to meet expectations or standards of play, production, or mastery. You are deserving, just by being here on this earth right here and now, of nurturing joyful pursuits for the pleasure of the pursuit, practice, or interest.

Select one of the possibly many bright sparks of zestiness to focus your awareness on. Maybe you used to be passionate about the stars or maybe you used to make things from clay or maybe you used to tell stories…or….or….or….pick out one zesty interest that you have learned to put aside and hold it gently...

What sensations arise in your being as you hold this interest?...

Can you imagine choosing to spend time with this interest now? Why or why not?...

If all the obstacles were cleared away, how would adding this spark of zestiness back to your life feel?...

What would it be like to give yourself permission to be a beginner, an amateur, or even bad with this chosen interest?...

If that permission feels risky, what is at risk? Can you imagine it going well?...

What would it be like to enjoy this interest without having to compare yourself to others? To enjoy it for the process?...

Savor what this possibility of choosing to return to this once-passion or interest and to allow yourself to play with it again...

As we breathe together, gently holding these sparks of zestiness, may we notice what has changed in our being...

As we return to our lives, out of this guided reflection, may we set in motion the next thing to do to nurture this spark of zestiness that is also part of you.












Rev. Naomi King

teacher of embodied spiritual practices

Erika Hewitt
The Typepad Team

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